11th and 12th Grade Hourly Services

I believe quality educational consulting should be accessible to everyone. I provide different options to work with me so that you can choose the method that aligns with your needs and priorities.
I am happy to offer hourly document review services to those who need minimal help or more affordable guidance. I limit the number of hourly-only clients I accept per school year. Please email me to learn more about hourly availability.


Pay by the Hour: $250/hour*


*Accessibility and affordability are important to me. I am also pleased to offer a 50% OFF to LSAC Fee Waiver recipients. Simply email me proof of fee waiver for the discounted rate (subject line “LSAC Fee Waiver Pricing”).

As always, I provide a copious amount of free information and advice on my YouTube Channel, in my blogs, and of course, in my Barrier Breakers Facebook group where I regularly host free Q&A sessions. If you would like to receive free admissions tips straight to your inbox, don’t hesitate to join my email list.


What is included with hourly consulting?

With hourly document review, I am able to provide feedback and edits on any part of the college essays and supplemental essays, as well as any required resumes or short answers. Time is charged for reviewing and editing as well as feedback. In order to ensure I am able to deliver quality consulting services and best serve all my students, I deliver feedback through screen recordings, recorded video, google document comments, and email. I answer students’ questions through email and in-line document comments. For students who wish to meet more with me, the comprehensive consulting options are more appropriate and cost-effective.

Document review includes edits, suggestions, and comments on content, organization, sentence structure, and grammar. If appropriate, I will review your application as a whole to see where it can be strengthened and to see if you are showcasing the strongest stories in your essays. I make all edits and comments in suggestion mode. For academic integrity, I don't write over your work or write any sections for you, but if there are places where the grammar/sentence structure can be improved or places that are wordy, clunky, awkward, or confusing they will be flagged with suggestions on how to fix them. I give feedback through Google document comments/suggestions, recorded screen videos, and substantive emails.

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Have more questions? Contact me to book a free information session.