The Institute for Anti Racist Education

The Institute for Anti-Racist Education is a New Jersey-based nonprofit, committed to addressing systemic racism and oppression in our nation’s education system.

I am so excited to join the Board of Advisors for the The Institute for Anti-Racist Education, spearheaded by Ashley Lipscomb, MT, MDiv, and Brittany Spatz, MEd.

The Institute works with school districts, individual schools, individual departments, and individual educators to create anti-racist classrooms with decolonized curriculum. A NJ-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Institute provides curriculum review and recommendations, anti-racist educator workshops, and partnership development consulting. They offer several workshops, content-specific curriculum consulting, private school board trainings, online mini-series and workshops for educators, monthly town-hall meetings, and a book club.

I am excited to be working with them on equity, diversity, and bias issues as it relates to college counseling. There are so many resources for educators and counselors, I encourage you to check out the website, workshops, and subscribe to their newsletter.

We need more educators and administrators joining the conversation on combatting systemic racism in education.

Ashley Lipscomb, MT, MDiv, CEO

After working as a teacher for five years and serving as a youth minister for eight years, Ashley has developed specialized interventions for her students, contributing to her success as an information literacy and language arts teacher at Frelinghuysen Middle School in Morristown, NJ. During her time in the classroom, Ashley advocated for the expansion of the language arts curriculum, leading to the incorporation of young adult literature that portrayed the Black experience. She also worked closely with school administrators to address pipeline issues contributing to the lack of a representative teaching staff.

As a former child of an incarcerated parent, Ashley uses her research, which uses a womanist methodology, to create a unique framework to address systemic racism in pedagogy. Ashley has participated in and spearheaded several committees focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in both K-12 and higher education settings and currently provides DEI consulting to students in the Diversity and Inclusion Management Course at the Harvard Extension School.