Hourly Document Review and Q&A Services

I believe quality educational consulting should be accessible to everyone. I provide different options to work with me so that you can choose the method that aligns with your needs and priorities.
I am happy to offer hourly consulting services to those who need minimal help or more affordable guidance. I limit the number of hourly-only clients I accept per application cycle.



How it Works: Document Review

Step 1 — The Request: Please fill out this request form if you would like to request hourly services. There is also a place for you to upload any drafts/partial drafts, transcripts, and/or resumes that you would like to be reviewed.

Step 2 — The Estimate: We will review your request and your materials and provide you with an estimate based on your materials.

  • If you are just starting out and need help brainstorming and outlining and aren’t able to enroll in one of my law school boot camps, we will recommend starting with my Step-By-Step Guide on Brainstorming, Structuring, and Drafting Your Personal Statement. This step-by-step asynchronous course walks you through my proven Story Matrix method, outlining, and writing tips, well over 5+ hours of consulting value. Going through this course first will allow you to maximize your hourly time with me afterward. Please note, if you haven’t started the brainstorming process at all, this course will take at least four weeks.

  • If you already have a draft or partial draft, depending on the completeness of your application, we will recommend either one, three, or five hours. If we feel that a rewrite is necessary we may also recommend starting with my Step-By-Step Guide on Brainstorming, Structuring, and Drafting Your Personal Statement.

  • If we feel that you need more than 5 hours of help, we will recommend that you enroll in my law school application boot camps or purchase a private consulting package.

  • Each package of hours will include one meeting to go over essay feedback, comments, and brainstorm suggestions. This is a great way for you to get your questions answered and talk through your thoughts! The rest of the hours will be used in asynchronous editing through google drive comments and feedback and recording screen and loom videos. You are also able to ask questions via email.

Step 3 — Getting Started: If you accept our estimate, we will send you an onboarding email with links to your invoice, your Google Drive folder and a link to my calendar for scheduling. I have a 3-5 business day turnaround for hourly clients and will return your first set of feedback within that time frame.

How it Works: Q & A Session

Have a question or situation that you just want to talk through with a consultant? Debating which schools to apply to or whether you should apply early action? Not sure if you should apply earlier or retake your LSAT? Want to discuss how you should navigate a waitlist situation or financial aid offer?

As always, I answer any and all questions FOR FREE on my weekly Break into Law School show hosted in my Barrier Breakers Facebook group, on Instagram, and on my YouTube Channel. You can always submit questions to be answered/featured here: bit.ly/breakintolawschool.

If you want that personalized touch, though, and want to really discuss your personal situation with me, I am happy to do so as long as space permits on my calendar. Please note that you should generally expect to be booked within 5-10 business days. I apologize that I am unable to guarantee a quicker scheduling time. I am also only able to book in 1-hour increments and cannot honor requests for shorter periods of time.


Pay by the Hour: $250/hour*


*Accessibility and affordability are important to me. I am also pleased to offer a 50% OFF to LSAC Fee Waiver recipients. Simply email me proof of fee waiver for the discounted rate (subject line “LSAC Fee Waiver Pricing”).

As always, I provide a copious amount of free information and advice on my YouTube Channel, in my blogs, and of course, in my Barrier Breakers Facebook group where I regularly host free Q&A sessions. If you would like to receive free admissions tips straight to your inbox, don’t hesitate to join my email list.


Frequently Asked Questions


A Step-By-Step Guide to Brainstorming, Structuring, and Drafting Your Personal Statement

This is a course I've designed to walk you through the process of drafting your personal statement, even if:

  • You have no idea how to get started
  • You think you haven't done anything worth mentioning in your personal statement
  • You're worried you can't express yourself well in writing

During this course, you will learn my Story Matrix brainstorming and proven outlining method, and you will learn how you can use these to craft an impactful personal statement that will wow the law school admissions committee. I'll also be sharing full-length sample essays to help get your creative juices flowing.

Finally, you'll also receive these free bonuses that are bundled with the course:

  • Self-Check for Written Application Components
  • Guide to Law School Letters of Recommendation