Recommended LSAT Tutors and Courses

The below list represents tutors and courses that my clients have connected with and seen success from. I will continue to update this list as appropriate.


Important Note: I do not receive any financial benefit, nor do I have a financial relationship with any of the below individuals or their companies. What works for some students may not work for other students. Past success with other clients does not predict future success or success with you. Please contact them at your own convenience and after doing your own research. LSAT prep is about fit. It’s all about whose message resonates with how you think about things. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Additionally, certain programs are better at certain sections of the test, so you should investigate your own weaknesses with a diagnostic exam before you choose an LSAT prep course.

Online Courses

My go-to recommendation for an online asynchronous course is usually TestMasters (I only vouch for their online asynchronous program). Many of my students have found tremendous success with the structure and pacing of the program, as well as their online academic support.

However, it is a completely asynchronous course and the materials cannot be downloaded so if you prefer a live online course or more ability to get feedback then I also recommend the two below options.

LSAT Demon

LSAT Demon has several tiers of courses, one of which is a live online course and I have had several students swear by their materials. I truly enjoy their podcast Thinking LSAT as well. I had the opportunity to talk with Ben and Nathan on their Thinking LSAT show in March 2021 about ethics in consulting, navigating the application process as a first-generation applicant, and writing your personal statement. I was especially impressed by their Black Student Study Group which is an included option in their premium subscription service. The Demon has three versions: basic, premium, and live. They also give breaks for students with LSAC fee waivers.

LSAT Unplugged

I also recommend and have a number of students who have benefited from, courses run by LSAT Unplugged. LSAT Unplugged also has one of the largest libraries of free LSAT YouTube videos and a free podcast. Steve Schwartz, the owner of LSAT unplugged, has a variety of law school admissions professionals as guests on his podcast. I had the opportunity to speak with him about the 2020-2021 admissions process and equity in law school admissions.


While these are the resources I recommend, there are many others I am familiar with. Sometimes it helps to have a combination of tutoring and test prep course.

Private Tutors

Mena Pirone


Brandeis University
Class of 2004

B.A. Chinese Language
Magna Cum Laude

Harvard Law School, J.D.
Class of 2007

99th Percentile LSAT Tutor

10+ years tutoring LSAT, former PowerScore Tutor

Specializes in logic games and logical reasoning

Affordable hourly or package pricing.

Joel S.


Princeton University
Class of 2015

A.B. Philosophy
Magna Cum Laude

Stanford Law School, J.D.
Class of 2021

99th Percentile LSAT Tutor

3+ years tutoring experience, formerly tutored for a major LSAT company

Available nights and weekends online.

Specializes in helping students with a baseline score of 150+

Jasmeene Burton-Martin


Princeton University
Class of 2019

A.B. Sociology
Theater Minor

96th percentile LSAT Tutor

Specializes in reading comprehension, non-traditional students, and neuro-diverse students.

Hosts group and 1:1 sessions and offers sliding-scale rates.


Jake Kleinbaum


The University of Chicago
Class of 2018

B.A. Political Science
with Honors

Increased score from low 140s - 174

3+ years tutoring experience

Specializes in working with first-generation law school applicants and students whose primary concerns are affordability.

Flat $60/hour rate for tutoring. S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting students can take $50 off any package. Contact Sydney for the discount code.


Other Resources

My favorite podcast is Navigating Law School Admissions with Miriam and Kristi, a podcast run by the Admissions Deans of Yale and Harvard Law School (respectively).